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Welcome to Online Registration at FM. Please follow the instructions below.

  • Registration for Winter/Spring 2021 will be available on October 19, 2020.
  • Contact your academic advisor or the Student Development Center at 518-736-3622 extension 8140 or 8142
  • Check your FM email regularly for updates regarding registration.

  • Don’t forget to access Degree Works and review your degree requirements.
  • Once you register, your class schedule will be shown as pending.
  • An academic advisor will review your schedule within 2 to 3 business days and will approve or deny your schedule.
  • If approved, you are good to go! Congratulations!
  • If a course is denied, please click on the "Request Denied" link to review the advisor's comments.
  • If you need additional assistance, contact the Student Development Center through AdvisorTrac.
  • Important Online Registration Information

    If you have any questions, please email or call us at the Student Development Center 518-736-3622 extension 8140.

    Winter and Spring 2021 Payment Due Dates:

    Spring 2021 tuition and fees statements are due Tuesday, January 5, 2021 and Winter 2021 tuition and fees are due Monday, December 14, 2020.

    Methods of Payment:

    Self Pay Options: Pay online (see information on the FM website under the Admission tab- tuition and fees option) or cash, check, money order, payment plan thru Nelnet payment plan, credit card or by sponsor.

    SUNY Uniform Refund Policy for College Withdrawal

    If you withdraw from the College, you will be charged non-refundable tuition and fees, according to the following schedule for 15 week courses. Non-refundable charges will be pro-rated on a similar schedule for courses less than 9 weeks. Payments in excess of liability will be refunded to the student.

    For sessions lasting 9 – 15 weeks:

    Prior to the start of classes100% refund of tuition and fees
    During the 1st week of classes75% refund of tuition only
    During the 2nd week of classes 50% refund of tuition only
    During the 3rd week of classes25% refund of tuition only
    After the 3rd week of classes0% no refund

    For sessions lasting 8 weeks or less:

    Prior to the start of classes 100% refund of tuition and fees
    During the 1st week of classes25% refund of tuition only
    After the 1st week there are no refunds.

    A valid Certificate of Residence is required to be eligible for New York State resident tuition. For assistance contact your County Treasurer. County-specific application and instructions are available on the FM website (see information on the FM website under the Admission tab - tuition and fees tab option).

    Financial Aid: Your awards are based on the information you have provided to the Federal and State governments using the FAFSA, NYS TAP and the Excelsior Scholarship applications. All awards are based on the credits you are/will be enrolled in. All awards are subject to adjustment if you change your enrollment status (adjust credits up or down), are later granted aid from other sources, and/or your financial need changes. Financial aid awards are also subject to adjustment based on academic standing. Please review your MyAid account for details regarding your grants and/or student loans. Please be aware you must be enrolled for credits required for your major in order to be eligible for financial aid. Adjustments will be made to your financial aid package for any credits not meeting this criteria.

    Security Deposit Refund Policy

    Refer to the Residence Hall contract and the housing confirmation letter.