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Dual Admissions Application for FM and SUNY Oswego

To submit an application to our school, please complete the following form and select Submit Application.

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SUNY Oswego

This application is for dual admission to FM and SUNY Oswego for the following programs:
Computer Science A.S./Computer Science B.S.
Criminal Justice A.S./Public Justice B.A.
Fine Arts A.S./Art (Studio Emphasis) B.A.
Human Services A.S./Human Development B.A.

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Citizenship Information

If you are an International Student, please use the Application for International Students.

Academic Information

Please indicate the year and term you plan to attend FM.
The Equal Opportunity Program is for NYS residents who possess a GED or graduated from high school with an average of below 75%.

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Residency Preference

Campus housing is required for all first-year students whose permanent residence is outside the local area.

Test Scores


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High School / Transfer History

An official High School transcript or a GED with scores is required prior to acceptance into all programs except the General Education Certificate. If you are applying as a transfer student, please note that academic transcripts are required for all colleges you attended, whether or not you received credit.

  1. Degrees


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Parent/Guardian/Spouse Information

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Required Information
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